Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Come to the Convention of the Left in Brighton

Capitalism in Crisis -The Left’s Response

One day special conference with contributors including Robert Griffiths (Communist Party of Britain), Caroline Lucas (Green Party), John McDonnell MP (Labour Representation Committee), Kay Phillips (Respect Party) and more.
The organisers of the Convention of The Left would like to invite you to the free one day conference in Brighton.
This will take place on Saturday September 26th from 10.30am to 17.00pm at the Brighthelm Church and Community Centre, North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YD.
Last year the Convention ran successfully as the alternative to New Labour's conference in Manchester. This year's Convention event will continue the debates on the crisis of capitalism and Westminster politics and develop our ideas in response. The wealth exists in society to pay for our essential needs - and the way the governments of the UK, EU and US have found trillions of Pounds, Dollars and Euros at the drop of a hat for the bankers proves what we have been saying all along. And, as the continuing bloodshed in Afghanistan shows, there is still a limitless coffer for war and destruction.The trouble is that our rulers want to use the wealth in society to prop up capitalism - which will inevitably lead to the same results all over again. They are buying themselves out of their crisis, but expecting the rest of us pay the price.Recessions lead scape-goating, racism and the rise of the far right. The election of two BNP members to the European Parliament should be warning to us all.Don’t blame the victims. The poor should not be punished for the crisis of capitalism. We must provide the alternative. We look forward to seeing you in Brighton on September 26th to discuss how we make the green, left, socialist and radical alternative a reality.

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