Saturday, 11 September 2010

Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition launched with massive meeting!

The Friends Meeting House was backed to the rafters last Thursday with some 300 people who are ready to fight the ConDems' unnecessary and ideologically-driven cuts.

The photos show some of the speakers - Caroline Lucas,  Chris Baugh from PCS, and myself, acting as a late substitute for Alex Knutson of Brighton and Hove Unison.  Other speakers were Umit Ozturk of the Mediterranean Resources Network and marxist economist Andy Kilmister.  

The speakers made the point that this is a crisis made in the capitalist financial institutions, not in the public sector, and ordinary people should not pay the price in cuts in services, jobs, benefits and wages.   Also that everyone needs to stand together and not be divided on the basis of whether employed or unemployed, working in public or private sector, or whether  a service user or a service provider.

The meeting agreed that the immediate priority was to plan for a massive turnout in the European Day of Action on 29th September.  Unison is planning a march in the afternoon at 4.00, starting at Kings House in Grand Avenue and ending at Brighton Town Hall.  Watch this space for further details!
Photos by Dave Hill.

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