Thursday, 28 October 2010

Together we can stop the cuts!

Our jobs, communities and public services are all under attack by an unstable Con-Dem government determined to make us pay for an economic crisis that was caused by the bankers and the rich.

Workers, pensioners, the unemployed, students, young people and people with disabilities are all threatened, with savage cuts to services we all rely on, while mega profits and bonuses continue to be raked in by the wealthy.

We are told that these cuts are the only way to solve the crisis and reduce the deficit but this is not true - billions owed by the rich in tax go uncollected each year while billions more are wasted on war, Trident and privatisations.  

There is an alternative to these unjustified attacks and a growing fightback is taking place that can force the rich to pay for their crisis.

Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition has been formed by trade union branches organised around Brighton and Hove Trades Council, community groups and various political parties to bring everyone together.

Our strength comes from our unity. By supporting one another with petitions, protests and united mass action we can stop all the cuts.


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