Friday, 1 July 2011

Biggest trade union demonstration in decades in Brighton......and no visible sign of the Labour Party whatsoever

Tweet of the day.....

"If you gave Ed Miliband the St Crispins Day speech from Henry V, he'd still manage to deliver it in the style of a particularly dull sat nav"

I never thought it could happen.  Yesterday's march in Brighton attracted around 4000 people - teachers, civil servants, lecturers and people who just wanted to support them - and they got a massive reception from passers-by.  It did not take long for Ed Miliband's decision to disown the strikes (not that they were "his" to begin with) to look like the crassest error of judgement since Callaghan's failure to call an election in October 1978.

The Greens, as ever, cleaned up at Labour's expense - the Council Leader and most of the Cabinet were on the demonstration and Caroline Lucas gave a rousing and unequivocal speech in support of the strikes at the rally in Hove Town Hall.  I have been told that, per head of population, Brighton and Hove's march was the largest in the country.

Photo of Caroline Lucas speaking, and photos and video of the march below.

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