Sunday, 23 October 2011

No more PFI ripoffs, no cuts to disability benefits

By complete coincidence two separate events converged on Jubilee Square yesterday. One was the Hardest Hit demo against cuts to benefits for disabled people. The other was organised by Unison to draw attention to the fact that the cost of building Jubilee Library has now been paid - but local taxpayers will still have find a total of £63 million pounds over the next 20 years to repay the Private Finance Initiative deal for a £12 million library.

Unison is calling for no more money to be paid to Aviva Plc and for it to be instead used to fund essential services which face cuts over the next three years.

The question remains - why are benefits for the most vulnerable people being theatened while money is poured into the coffers of a private company?

Pictures below

Unison banner

Cllr Stephanie Powell

Phil Clarke of Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition

Atilla the Stockbroker

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