Sunday, 4 March 2012

No work for no wages!

Picketing Tesco Brighton yesterday
The Government is on the ropes on Workfare but the battle is not won yet. That's why days of action like yesterday are vital.
Several employers participating in one or other of the schemes were picketed yesterday and left in no doubt at the strength of feeling. Passers-by were overwhelmingly sympathetic.
The trade unions need to get more active in the campaign. Workfare is as much an issue for people in work as well as the unemployed. It attacks jobs and conditions, as has been seen in the USA.
The campaign has prospered because it is broad. The revolutionary left has played a good role but it should not believe the government propaganda too much. How credible is it that the small forces of the far left could by itself destabilise the workfare schemes so effectively?
We need to build broad alliances beyond the traditional left - that is how we can win.
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