Saturday, 9 June 2012

EDL rescued from Brighton

News from Brighton Unite Against Fascism

On Saturday June 2nd a drunken rabble of EDL supporters tried bringing trouble to Brighton.
The EDL have already been humiliated in the city once this year, and thought that by sneaking in, without their distinctive hoodies that would escape the attention of anti-fascists. however as soon as they tried causing trouble in the St James’ area of the city they faced such opposition from anti-fascists and the local community that the police had to escort them out of town.
A handful of the losers, mostly connected to the violent and thuggish ‘Casuals United’ -a sub group of the EDL- attempted to look brave as hundreds of police officers held them by the hand and led them out of town.
Orgainsiation against the EDL had been minimal in the town, as we were aware thay would be in numbers too insignificant to worry about, and so it proved. Even with out that advance planning many people responded to the mobilisation as soon as the EDL had shown their faces, and once again they were chased, humiliated, out of town.
It took hundreds of police for the EDL to feel brave enough to show their faces in public.

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