Thursday 13 August 2009

Vestas Day of Action

Despite the end of the occupation a group of green, socialist and trade union campaigners were out leafleting on Wednesday teatime in Churchill Square as part of the national day of action in support of the Vestas workers. Among the questions we were asking -

  • How does a company which has taken taxpayer-funded subsidies in this country just decide to shut up shop and move to another one?
  • How can New Labour manage to nationalise the banks but not a factory employing 600 people in a small, fragile island economy?
  • Where is NuLab's "green energy strategy" now that it has sat back and watched the only factory making wind turbines in the UK close down?

It was a welcome outbreak of unity on the Brighton and Hove left...who knows what else we might find to agree on if we really put our minds to it......!

The campaign continues........

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