Friday 2 October 2009

A tale of two worlds

One industrial dispute actually ongoing in Brighton and Hove and another which is brewing have a common cause - attempts to cut the pay of already low-paid staff doing difficult jobs. I am talking about the disputes at Brighton Housing Trust and at Cityclean at the council.

But there is another common thread.

In both cases the people doing the cutting have no such worries. Brighton and Hove Unison has published information on the rich rewards to be had at the top of the social landlord tree.

At the last BHT Board Meeting one of those in attendance was a certain Mark Perry from Downland Housing Association – reportedly, he was none too sympathetic to the dispute.

Mark Perry enjoyed a pay rise in 2008/9 of 47%. Not 4.7% but 47%. He takes home a mere £ 136,500 a year – just about enough to live on, I suppose.

Other interesting amounts are Keith Exford, Affinity Sutton, £22,000 bonus; Neil McCall, William Sutton, 25% pay rise and Nick Dudman, Broomleigh H.A., 24% pay rise.

In Cityclean, the people telling the refuse collectors and streetcleaners that they must sacrifice thousands in pursuit of a "fair and equitable pay structure" are themselves taking 6-figure salaries.

Is it any wonder that people are angry?

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