Sunday 29 November 2009

Blair s*** Sherlock!

After a week the Chilcot inquiry confirms what we already knew.....Blair lied.

He lied about the threat posed by Iraq, he lied about their weapons capability, he lied about them being ready to attack within 45 minutes, he lied about being a "restraining influence" on Bush.

The anti-war movement knew this, and the 2 million who marched knew it too.

So what were our MP's doing at the time (you know...those people we vote for to "hold the executive to account")? Checking their expense accounts? Climbing the greasy pole to the dizzy heights of Parliamentary Private Secretaryhood? They certainly weren't applying even a scintilla of scepticism to what they were being fed.

So, Des, David and Celia (oh yes, and Ivor too!), what's your excuse? How did you not spot what anyone with half a brain was able to?

Answers on a postcard.............

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