Thursday 28 January 2010

Your school belongs to ME now........

The modest title which Rod Aldridge has given to the Falmer Academy school is..........

The Brighton Aldridge Community Academy.

This is not a bad return on £2 million - a fraction of the true cost of running the school. Incidentally, let's hope that money is actually forthcoming, since this is not always the case.

Rod has never struck me as the shy, retiring type - ever since I first came across his grand entrance in a chauffuer-driven limousine at Hove Town Hall, when his company, Capita, was trying take over the Council's Revenues and Benefits Service some 10 years ago. Fortunately this New Labour-inspired piece of privatisation was seen off by a united campaign by the workers in the service and the service users.

No service users were asked if they wanted that service privatised, just as Falmer parents were not asked if they wanted their school to become an academy.

And they sure as hell weren't asked if someone could steal its name.

But when the privatisers get to work, it is always democracy which goes out of the window first.

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