Monday 17 May 2010

There are some people for whom the term "jerk" could have been written...

One of the joys of the election result is that we no longer have to put up with Liam Byrne in any position of responsibility (well, unless you're one his unfortunate constituents in Birmingham Hodge Hill that is).  Byrne was, until the election, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and he thought it would be a wizard wheeze to leave a note for his successor stating that "there is no money left".  The ConDem coalition is of course making hay with this, and Byrne is left to bleat pathetically that "it was only a joke" anyone's listening.
Byrne is also famous for his 11-page memo to his civil servants, titled "Working with Liam Byrne", which detailed in pompous tones his "requirements" of them - particular attention being paid to when his cappucino and espresso should be served.

He is also notorious in Birmingham for some quite vile dog-whistle election campaigning around immigration which was detailed in this article - The Low-Rent Enoch Powell.

Finally the story would not be complete without mention of Mr Byrne's passionate campaigning for tougher treatment of dangerous drivers.  He succeeded in Parliament in getting more severe punishments for drivers who use mobile phones while driving - legislation which he was able to test for himself in 2007......when he was fined £100 for driving and using a mobile at the same time (I am not making this up....)

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