Thursday 29 July 2010

I've got some questions for the Americans....

If the US Senate Committee does come over "to seek answers" about the release of the alleged Lockerbie bomber, I've got some questions of my own for them.

Firstly some background on the 60 military coups in which the US state is implicated over the last century would be nice. Perhaps they could give us the low-down on the merits of replacing democratically elected governments with dictatorships, as they did in Iran and Chile for example.

We could then move on to the secret carpet bombing of Cambodia.

Another interesting conversation could be had around the US support for terrorist killers like the Nicaraguan Contras.

Then there's the basis on which they took us to war in Iraq. If we want to talk about "stonewalling" many of the families of UK service personnel killed in US "friendly fire" incidents would be happy to see an end to the officially sanctioned stonewalling which the US government has practised ever since.

And no investigation would be complete without the skinny on the practise of "extraordinary rendition" to the international network of "dark prisons" the US has scattered around.

There's really no shortage of things to ask....

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