Saturday 11 September 2010

Unite members - back Jerry Hicks for GS

Candidate for General Secretary of the countries biggest union
Calls for ‘no cuts’ phased or otherwise!

Jerry Hicks one of only four candidates for the General Secretary of Unite has made it clear where he stands on the issue of ‘cuts’.

He said “This is a crisis not of our making, we should not be paying one single penny, not losing one single job nor face any reduction in benefits or services”.

He says, angry words will not be enough to stop the butchery to jobs, services and benefits we as ordinary people face from the Con-Dem government. The Labour party, argue cuts, but not so soon. The TUC leadership seem to fall into the same trap of believing cuts are inevitable.
Jerry Hicks points out that, a massive £100 billion goes uncollected from big business and the very wealthy in tax avoidance, this is where the money should come from to pay off the debt. There is an alternative, the case has to be made, then we will need to fight for it not just campaign.

We must build our way out of the recession, more jobs not less, more public projects not fewer, and the money is there, it’s just being spent on the wrong things.
Bringing the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq saving lives and £ billions, coupled with scrapping Trident saving up to £75 billion. Spend that instead on
£25 billion on building schools, hospitals and council houses providing 100,000 jobs in construction the first 3,200 offered to the blacklisted workers.
£25 billion on ‘Green energies’, sea, solar and wind, creating up to one million jobs
That still leaves £25 billion for state pension increases making ours one of the best in Europe instead of being the third worse.
Notes to editors:

(1) Jerry Hicks is the grassroots candidate the other three being Assistant General Secretaries. Many are already saying that Jerry Hicks could become the first elected General Secretary of super-union ‘Unite’. Union insiders report increasing concern from senior officials of Unite that workers may reject officials seen as too close to the previous Labour Government. Given the size and make up of Unite, it makes the election for the union’s General Secretary the most significant union election for decades.
(2) In last year’s election for joint General Secretary Jerry Hicks came second to Derek Simpson, Mr Simpson will not be standing this time.
(3) Jerry Hicks, if elected would only take the average wage of a skilled worker. This is certain to strike a chord, as none of the other candidates will be saying the same.
Jerry Hicks can be contacted on Tel: 07817827912
Also visit: and

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