Thursday 4 November 2010

The right to free speech is saved....but who will save the reputation of Brighton and Hove City Council?

Those who believe that the current administration of the City Council is quite the worst there has ever been have lots more evidence this morning after the Standards Board comprehensively threw out the politically motivated charges against Green Councillor Jason Kitcat.  

Read his report here 

He supposedly "disrespected" a Tory councillor by posting some publicly available clips from a council meeting on YouTube.  The case has dragged on since early 2009 and one can only speculate how much the cost in officer time has been.  On the subject of cost, yesterday's appeal hearing was held in the palatial surroundings of the Hilton Metropole Hotel, and the Council engaged the services of a barrister.  According to accounts of those who were there, he was spectacularly poor value for money.  As if this wasn't enough the Council also saw fit to further waste the time of two Council solicitors and a press officer.

It will be interesting to see how much this exercise in Tory ego-tripping has actually cost the taxpayers of the city.

The real scandal is of course that against this background the Tory administration is seeking to make cuts in services to the most vilunerable people in the city.....and it will be interesting to compare the cost of the attempted persecution of Jason Kitcat against the supposed cost of keeping Bright Start Nursery open, for example.

There are a few local politicians who ought to be seriously considering their positions this morning......

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Allie Cannell said...

I would like to see the people who decided that the council would hire a barrister, press officer, two solicitors, and the metropole hotel up before the standards committee.

That was an obvious case of council resources being used for party political things....

Theres more of a case there than there ever was againt Cllr Kitkat.