Wednesday 16 February 2011

The fat cat conundrum

Eric Pickles has high-earning council chiefs in his sights. Interestingly for a supposed "localist", he is very keen to lay down the law to local authorities on this one.

Even to the extent of getting his facts utterly wrong. Like muddling up the pay levels of the heads of the FTSE 200 companies with those of Council chief execs!

Of course, council workers and their unions have been drawing attention to the high pay of council chief executives long before the likes of Pickles found it politically expedient to do so. In fact it might be interesting to check how much Pickles was prepared to pay bosses to implement his cutting and privatising agenda at Bradford Council all those years ago.

But make no mistake - this is all about diverting attention away from the massacre of local services and jobs. Nothing to do with any sudden concern about municipal fat-cattery.

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