Wednesday 13 July 2011

Different rules......

I'm not about to add to the acres of print about Hackgate, but the abysmal performance of the Met's finest yesterday really did bring home the different moral plane the rich and powerful operate on-and expect to operate on.

This was most vividly illustrated by Andy Hayman - the man who wrote the book on injured indignation. This is the man who regularly took hospitality from an organisation he was supposed to be investigating, and later took up paid employment with it.

Here is an extract from the Guardian's list of the lunches, dinners, drinks, etc.

But..hey....we shouldn't infer anything sinister from this! Poor Andy got quite upset when an MP had the temerity to put the direct question - did you take bribes? It seems quite clear to me that he was well and truly in the pocket of News Internstional until his behaviour finally forced him from his post.

Another officer testifying yesterday complained that little could be done to investigate NI because it was a large organisation, had good lawyers and "wasn't very cooperative". I never realised the Met was so lacking in tenacity!

I wonder what the response would be if trade unionists, student fees protestors or Uncut activists used this defence.

Hackgate brings into sharp relief the way in which the British establishment, the press and state agents work hand in glove. A light has been shone into a netherworld where there is a different set of rules and standards to those which most of us are expected to follow.

It has been an educational experience for the people of this country....and there is more to come....

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