Wednesday 17 August 2011

Riots : the hypocrisy of ruling class "morality"

One abiding image in the aftermath of the riots was that of Cameron glad-handing some firefighters who had worked all night trying to save homes and businesses. Cameron was quite happy to be getting a good photo-op and strangely there was apparently no mention of "gold-plated pensions" or "restrictive practices".

"Things got a bit out of hand. We smashed the place up and Boris set fire to the toilets"
Cameron recollects happy Bullingdon days.....

Since the riots we have seen the judicial system being used as a weapon of political vengeance. The nadir has been reached with 4-year jail sentences for posting a message on Facebook and criminal charges for organising a water fight on a Blackberry.

But there is no punishment for those other looters - the bankers, the corporate tax dodgers, the senior police officers who took "hospitality" in return for feeding information to the gutter press, the politicians who enriched themselves through "expenses". One of the most odious sights of that festival of sanctimonious moralising in the Commons last week was Hazel Blears, one of the chief offenders, clearly hoping that we had all forgotten.

This was summarised quite well (surprisingly) by Peter Oborne

We also have other sanctions being proposed - loss of council housing and of benefits - sanctions which will impact directly on the poorest in society, and any many cases will impact on people who had no part in any rioting. Tabloid editors who authorised the theft of the private messages of a murdered girl won't be losing their homes.

A fish rots from the head down. Time to get rid of this rotten government and the system of corruption and privilege which supports it.

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