Sunday 23 September 2012

East Brighton by-election - vote for the only anti-cuts candidate

Brighton City Council Byelection: Jon Redford selected as TUSC candidate

At the meeting on Tuesday 18 Sept 2012, Brighton TUSC decided to contest the vacant Brighton Council seat of East Brighton ward. This ward is a heavily working classs and council estate ward, including the Whitehawk and Manor Hill estates. It is Labour held.
The byelection will be held on Thursday 18 October. Our candidate is Jon Redford of the Socialist Party. He was seleted unanimously. At the selection meeting there were 4 SP memebers, 3 Socialist Resistance, 1 ISN (Independent Socialist Network) and 1 non-aligned socialist.
Paul Moorhouse is acting as election agent. Nomination papers have been accepted by the council today.
The Election Campaign.
We will be canvassing regularly from next Tuesday. All offers of help welcome! The first canvas will be on Tuesday 25th September. We will be meeting at 6.00 pm outside the main entrance to the County Hospital on Eastern Road (by the bus stops). We hope to canvas two nights a week (normally on Tuesday and Thursday) and on Sunday afternoons. Leaflets are already being produced.
The three main issues we will be campaigning on are: 
1) The threatened closure of care homes for people with learning disabilities
2) The proposal by the Green council to cut council tax benefit for people of working age
3) The need to build a united resistance to cuts and austerity, in particular by building for the October 20th demonstration so as to build pressure on the TUC for a one day general strike, and buidling stronger links between TUSC and trade union branches in Brighton. 
Regular weekly campaign meetings will be held after the Tuesday canvas. PaulMoorhouse\'s phone number if anyone needs details is 07934-535-986

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