Thursday 7 March 2013

Cameron's lies about the bedroom tax

Cameron flat-out lied yesterday about the disabled being "exempt" from the bedroom tax. There is no such exemption. In fact, his government is currently OPPOSING several attempts to get such an exemption in the courts. Almost all of the mainstream media and HM Loyal Oppposition failed to pick up on this.
Months ago the Appeal Court ruled (in relation to similar rules in the private rented sector) that it was a breach of human rights to force two children to share a bedroom if at least one of them was seriously disabled. The government is fighting this in the Supreme Court.
Earlier this week an application for judicial review of the effect of the bedroom tax was lodged on behalf of 10 children who are either severely disabled or are abuse survivors. Again these cases are being resisted by the Government.
If disabled people are "exempt", why the need for legal proceedings in the first place, and why would the Government be resisting them?
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