Monday, 17 May 2010

Armagideon time........

As Gideon George Osborne prepares his "emergency budget" the rest of us are left to wonder where the axe will fall first.

You can bet your life it won't fall on bankers' bonuses, or Trident, nor on currency speculation.  It will fall on the weakest and poorest in society.

We are being told that benefits for the "middle classes" will be cut. Welfare for the Wealthy, as Osborne offensively puts it.   What this really means is attacks on child benefit and tax credits for those in work. The real welfare for the wealthy- tax breaks, the great non-dom fiddle, and lucrative PFI contracts for private firms to build and run (badly) public services - will continue unchecked.

A lotta people won’t get no supper tonight
A lotta people won’t get no justice tonight
The battle is getting harder
In this iration, Armagieon time

A lotta people running and hiding tonight-ah!
A lotta people won’t get no justice tonight
Remember to kick it over
No one will guide you – Armagideon time

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