Sunday, 16 May 2010

Support Holmes and Hicks for resistance to the cuts agenda

Union election candidates unite against ‘public schoolboy Government’

It is good to see that the left candidates to lead the two largest unions in Britain are joining forces.  If you are a member of Unite or of Unison then I urge you to vote for Jerry Hicks and Paul Holmes respectively. Both candidates are arguing that their unions have spent too long kow-towing to New Labour and have sat back and allowed bosses to set the agenda.  Crucially, both pledge to take only the average wage of their members so that they do not become divorced from the realities that their members face.

Whilst Cameron and Clegg discuss working together and how to implement a ‘savage cuts’ agenda, Jerry Hicks and Paul Holmes are discussing how to lead the 2 biggest unions in a campaign to defend workers.

The leading candidates in elections for Britain's two largest unions are joining forces in a direct challenge to the new Government which is set to cut public spending and attack trade union rights.
Jerry Hicks, will be the only candidate that is not a national official of Unite and is thought by many to become the first elected General Secretary of super-union ‘Unite’ and Paul Holmes, who is standing to replace Dave Prentis as General Secretary of public service union, Unison. Are meeting in London to co-ordinate plans to organise trade union resistance to any Government plans to cut jobs and freeze pay.
"Our unions face the fight of our lives," said Holmes - Secretary of Unison's powerful Kirklees branch in Yorkshire. Jerry Hicks added, "Now more than ever we need the unions to be led by ordinary workers who understand the day to day problems which union members face."
Union insiders report increasing concern from senior officials of Unison and Unite that, following the result of the General Election, workers may reject officials seen as to close to the previous Labour Government.
This could see Jerry Hicks and Paul Holmes elected on a tide of militancy, reflected in the current dispute between Unite and British Airways.

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