Friday, 2 July 2010

Coalition "partners" getting down to business

Yesterday Nick Clegg got the 'job' of talking to the public about what laws they want repealed. I have some ideas of my own on that score but I am more interested in what that says about how this coalition really works.

It looks to me as though this effectively means the sidelining of Clegg while Tories get on with the important work of dismantling the Welfare State. The post of Deputy Prime Minister looks like it just became the biggest public sector 'non- job' in the country.

The Lib Dems are taking all of the blame and none of the power in this 'partnership' and they look like they could be decimated for supporting measures such as the rise in VAT, which they opposed in the election campaign.

On Sunday The Observer reported that half their voters and as many members were ready to desert them.

What is clear is that the Con Dem Coalition has no mandate for the destruction of our public services. They must be stopped.

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Mister P said...

Actually they do have a more legitimate mandate than any previous government for a long time ! Over 50% of the electorate. Most governments get away with far less.

You may not like what they are doing - fair enough. But they do have a democratic mandate ! And if you really want to stop them then you are going to have to convince many of the millions who have voted for these parties.

We can take our frustrations out on these parties - but ultimately its the people of this country that either actively or passively allow this to happen. So its the majority of the population that must be stopped - good luck !