Friday, 9 July 2010

Demonstrate against the Con Dem cuts


On 22 June the ConDem government announced massive cuts in public services – but even before this, Tory-led Brighton and Hove City Council has made a series of cuts to this year’s budgets. What this adds up to locally is -

Increased retirement age
Cuts in benefits and tax credits
VAT of 20%
Cuts of £1,580,000 to education, young people and children’s services in Brighton & Hove this year.
The removal of ring-fenced grants this year for vital services in Brighton & Hove, including: the Youth Opportunity Fund (worth £141,000), Aids/ HIV support (worth £455,000), Stroke Strategy (worth £93,000).
£600,000 cut this year from the Playbuilder renovation of children’s playgrounds
A pay freeze for two years if you work in the public sector
Cuts of £600,000 this year from Sure Start children’s centres in Brighton & Hove.
Cuts of 25% in budgets across central and local government
Cuts in voluntary sector funding

….and this is just the start!

Yet at the same time, the Council is proposing to employ four strategic directors, each of whom will be on a salary almost as high as the Prime Minister’s!

What’s more, the Tories locally are trying to prevent proper discussion of this year’s cuts by all of the councillors.

Protect Jobs
Defend Public Services
Bring trade unions and campaigns
together across Brighton and Hove to organise a fight back against this Con-Dem government.


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