Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Failing Grayling gets rough reception....and Freud's a no-show!

Homophobic DWP Minister Chris Grayling, who thinks it's ok to refuse services to people on grounds of their sexuality, got a hot reception from a hastily-assembled group of protestors in Brighton today.

Grayling thought it would be fun to visit the local Jobcentre to meet claimants whose benefits he's cutting, before going to City College to meet students whose EMA he has just abolished.

I guess you have to admire the sheer nerve of some people.....

A couple of police officers were present at the Jobcentre, but sadly they seemed unwilling to question Mr Grayling about his expenses claims - £100,000 for a central London flat though his constituency home is less than 17 miles away.

Meanwhile the commonsense light has reportedly finally flickered into life at the Council. Lord Freud will not now be visiting the housing benefit office on Wednesday, after it became clear that he really wouldn't be very welcome in an office which has just been told that 20 posts are going as a result of his policies.

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