Friday, 7 January 2011

Official : Bright Start Will Not Close in April !

Save Bright Start News

Bulletin number 10

Official : Bright Start Will Not Close in April !

The first recommendation of their own report to the Cabinet Member meeting on 17th January says “To withdraw the proposal to close the nursery by the end of April 2011 and, to reassure parents and staff that there will be no change to the status of the nursery before September 2011.” ( detailed report available from nursery)

This would not have happened without all the hard work of so many people who marched ,sang, sent letters and emails, lobbied councillors, wrote consultation documents, researched facts, undermined council misinformation, blew up balloons, produced stickers and placards, set up websites, ran stalls, petitioned, spoke at public meetings, met with politicians, spoke to the media, and much more.

Our campaign has been noticed by many local people as broad and dynamic. Brighton and Hove Unison branch is certainly impressed with the campaign, and it is a great lesson for all of us who face arguments that the cuts can’t be stopped.

Clearly they can.

But this is only the Beginning of the End

The fact that the new consultation will take us way past the local elections in May, when the council will probably change hands, is in many ways as much as we expected to win.

Obviously we can’t rely on the Tories losing control of the council.

And a statement from opposition Green and Labour groups on the council regarding their plans for Bright Start should they win control would now be really useful.
Any attempt to privatise us would lead to staff leaving after a few years as they could not afford to support their own families on minimum wage. Unison urges all parents to support us in opposing such a change.
The misinformation during the first consultation process doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in us. But apart from referring to a fictitious “Parents Advisory Committee” (pt3.4), the agenda for 17th January cabinet is talking about seriously looking at many of the suggestions made by us during the first consultation.
There will be plenty to do, starting with another big balloon/singalong and childrens’ party at the cabinet member meeting on the 17th January. (new song sheet out next week!)

There will be a meeting for parents and staff, with Unison and hopefully Caroline Parker, to discuss our future at 6pm at Bright Start on Thursday 20th January.(this date/place is provisional)

You can pick up a copy of the report to Cabinet Member Meeting from the nursery. Or view it on-line here:-

There will be a few of us asking various questions at the meeting. If you want to ask one, or have one read out, it needs to be sent to by noon on Monday 10th January.

Monday 17th January 4pm Lobby/attend Cabinet Member Meeting , Hove Town Hall.

Thursday 20th January,6pm Parent & staff meeting at Bright Start

P&P Brighton &Hove Unison, Brighton Town Hall 291611


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That's great news. Keep up the good work.

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Up the rebels!
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