Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Defend multiculturalism. Oppose attacks on mosques

Mid Sussex Unite Against Fascism and other Sussex UAF groups are circulating the following statement, in response to the recent attack on the Mid Sussex Mosque, and David Cameron's speech attacking multiculturalism.

We would like trades unionists, political figures, community leaders and others to consider putting their name to it.

If you are willing to do so, please respond to uafmidsussex@googlemail.com with letting us know how you would like your name to appear - ie do you want us to include: title, political party, union, or other group, whether you are responding in a personal capacity.
MidSussex UAF

In a recent speech David Cameron claimed multi-culturalism had failed, he sought to scapegoat Muslims, and brand them as extremists.

Even more shamefully he delivered that speech on the same day as the racist organisation the English Defence League (EDL) was marching through Luton, spreading its message of hate against the town’s Muslim population.

The torching of the Mid-Sussex mosque on Sunday night shows the dangerous results of Cameron’s rhetoric. If the Prime Minister uses hateful language about Muslims, then it is no surprise others target the Muslim community in their own ways.

For the vast majority of people who live in Sussex our multicultural society brings us only benefits, and when the Mosque was opened in Haywards Heath, just a few months ago, it was greeted as a great development. The hard work of the Mid Sussex Islamic Society, in turning an empty ex-scout hut into a place of worship is an important and welcome addition to the area.

As the young men suspected of the attack on the Mosque are still awaiting trial we can only wait to discover their motives.

But Mosques and Muslims should not be targets for anyone, and when leading politicians scapegoat people for their faith or race it is just a nasty ploy to distract people from the very real attack we face, that upon our public services, and quality of life brought about by ideologically motivated cuts.

When the result is attacks like the one on Mid-Sussex Mosque, we must all stand against racists and racist rhetoric.
We live in a multicultural society, and we celebrate that and it makes us strong.

Mid sussex Unite Against Fascism can be contacted by emailing:


Also visit the Unite Against Fascism website to sign out petition opposing Cameron’s attack on multi-culturalism: http://www.uaf.org.uk/

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