Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Western leaders and their contempt for Arab peoples

Cameron's been in Cairo doing business as usual this week. How fitting that a week after the Egyptian people throw off the shackles of the dictator, all Cameron and his team of "businessmen" want to do is sell some more weapons to the new management.

Like....that's what Middle East really needs is more weapons......

The popular western stereotype of Arabs as that of backward extremists incapable of democratic and progressive governance. The reality is somewhat different of course. Many Arab states had democratic and secular governments in the recent past (Kassem in Iraq and Mossadegh in Iran spring to mind). But such governments were overthrown with the help of the West, which has always preferred to deal with dictators, religious extremists and feudal monarchs in that part of the world all the better to safeguard their "interests".

Those days are at an end. The genie is out of the bottle.

And hopefully, as austerity measures bite in the West, the workers of the West will watch....and learn....

Rally - Revolution in the Middle East
Friday 25th February
Brighton University, Pavilion Parade (opp Pavilion)

John Rees (witness of events in Egypt)
Abubaker Deghayes (Libyan refugee)
Martin Evans

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