Tuesday 4 October 2011

“It's Our Library Now” PARTY !

“It's Our Library Now” PARTY ! Saturday 22nd October, 11am- 1pm Outside Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton

This month, Brighton & Hove Council will have finished paying the private developers the £11.9 Million cost of building the Jubilee Library.

It should be ours now!

Unfortunately, it is still owned by Norwich Union. Because it was built under the “Private Finance Initiative” , Norwich Union are expecting us to pay them over £2Million a year, soon to rise to £3Million a year for the next 18 years. Even though we've already paid them for it!!

No More Money for the Developers and Banks

If “we're all in it together” then the crisis should be paid for by those who can afford it first, not people in Brighton & Hove who rely on local schools,nurseries and hospitals now threatened by the cuts. Norwich Union's parent company “Aviva plc” boasts “ Operating profits in Europe up 21% to £525 million despite financial and economic difficulties in the eurozone”.

Why should local taxes rise to fund Aviva plc?

Why should low paid school meals staff & nursery workers lose pensions to fund Aviva plc?

Why should young people's services be cut to fund Aviva plc?

Break contracts with Multinationals, not the people who work for our city Brighton and Hove Unison invite everyone to our party,with a message to the council.

• Don't break contracts with your staff by cutting jobs and pension rights.
• Break the contract with the multinational PFI companies instead.
• No cuts to local services!

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Library Campaign said...

Good to see that people are waking up to the con that is PFI. But slightly unfortunate timing: on the same day at ULU in London library campaigners and trade unionists will be coming together for the first national conference on library cuts since the coalition was elected. Can you send anyone?
Registration at: http://andrewtlc.blogspot.com/