Tuesday 18 October 2011

We need a new left party - Come to the Socialist Resistance forum

New parties of the left - 
lessons for the UK

A Socialist Resistance forum

Monday 24th of October 7:30 PM

Duke of Wellington
Upper Gloucester Road
Brighton (Nr Brighton Station)

Social democratic parties, including the Labour Party in Britain, have shifted to the right across the continent and have fully embraced neo-liberalism.  This has opened up political space to the left of social democracy which the radical left and revolutionary marxists have a duty to fill.

What is needed are broad pluralist parties of the left to restore independent working class representation.

In the context of the deepest economic and ecological crisis of capitalism in the post-war period and with continuing imperialist wars, the need for such parties is urgent.

Come and hear Fred Leplat of Socialist Resistance talk about our new book on the new parties of the left in Europe, the successes and the failures and the lessons for socialists in the UK.

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