Monday 27 February 2012

After the council budget..where is the resistance coming from?

After the cuts were voted through in Brighton and Hove by an unholy alliance of the Tories and their new best friends, Labour, the question of which party truly represents opposition to austerity becomes ever more acute.

It is clear that the Greens are not prepared to do other than implement the cuts with a "human face", as some of their erstwhile members recognised this week

But the view on the Left isn't pretty. There is nothing resembling the kind of broad anti capitalist party that we need. I support TUSC - the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition- but it will not develop into what we need until it has a proper internal democratic life and broadens its appeal beyond the far left and a few elements in the trade union movement.
The PCS union is talking about standing anti-cuts candidates. The Morning Star seems to be about to launch some kind of initiative, having been appalled at Labour's support for cuts and pay freezes.
Many socialists within the Labour Party are angry that their councillors backed the Tories last week. Green socialists have left the Green Party in anger at the cuts being implemented in Brighton and Hove.
Might now be a good time to build something new that genuinely opposes the cuts and the destruction of the planet? Or will this be another wasted opportunity ?

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