Saturday, 27 March 2010

BA - a company out of control

It was a great honour last Thursday to have a a BA cabin crew rep from

Unite/Bassa to speak at my union branch AGM. What he (I won't name him) had to say needs to be heard by so many people. What he detailed was a catalogue of lies, bullying and union-busting by one of Britain's largest companies.

The basic pay of cabin crew is around £14,000 - giving the lie to the BA spin about high pay. Indeed the union offered up a pay cut to help with the company's finances - an offer the company spurned. You don't often read about that in the papers.

At BA headquarters a "graffitti wall" was erected, on which BA staff were invited to write attacks on cabin crew - it came down when it became public knowledge. All part of BA's "strategy" to divide cabin crew from other parts of the BA workforce.

The speaker also told us about the 747 which flies in circles around Gatwick on strike days, carrying no passengers, putting pointless carbon into the atmosphere, and the take-off and landing of empty planes - all in pursuit of BA's propaganda offensive.

It is quite clear (as the article below demonstrates) that this dispute isn't about money; it's about breaking trade unionism in BA cabin crew. That's why, if the cabin crew win, we all do.

The AGM voted to donate £500 to the strikers's hardship fund and I urge other trade unionists to give what they can.

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