Monday, 15 March 2010

Things we CAN afford

Are you tired of hearing about how we all have to tighten our belts?

Well, you'll pleased to know that life isn't so tough for everyone in the public sector.

Yes...quite a little list is forming of things we apparently can afford.

1.5% pay rise for MPs - despite them calling for a pay freeze for everyone else in the public sector.

1% rise for Brighton and Hove City councillors despite them wanting sack 100 staff (or replace them with cheap "apprentices").

Use of 5-star hotel accommodation by the council for....job interviews.

Employment of expensive agency staff (no open competition) to "communicate" the "value for money" agenda of the Council (stop laughing at the back!)

Newly published figures show huge rises in the pay of university vice chancellors and other university bosses at a time when massive cuts in higher education are being proposed. 19 senior staff at Sussex earn over £100,000 pa.

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