Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Successful launch of TUSC election campaign for Kemptown

Candidate Dave Hill declares his solidarity with the Sussex Six (video below). Bob Crow of RMT and Hannah Sell of the Socialist Party also spoke at the meeting, attended by 50 people.

Dave spoke about his own political background, growing up in the East End and joining Labour at 16, going on to be a Labour Councillor and parliamentary candidate. He described his break with Labour as it morphed into New Labour, the party of big business.

Bob Crow talked about how the Labour Party was formed, ironically by the rail union which was a forerunner of the RMT. He said that, in many ways, we are back to that time. We need a new party to stand for working people in the face of the three parties, who offer a choice of "cuts now or cuts a bit later"

This message was reinforced by Hannah Sell, and she and the other speakers also warned that if the left does not get itself together, the far right is waiting to take advantage.

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