Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Bright Start latest. Reject the Council's lies and their phony consultation. Join the demo on 16th Dec

Count Down to 16 December!

Now the consultation period is over we have
just a week to prepare for a big turn out at
the full council meeting next Thursday
16th December, 4pm
March from Kings House(Grand Avenue)
2.45pm Unison bus from King & Queen

(pub behind nursery. Let us know if you need a seat)

We will hand in our 5,000+ petition
March singing songs, waving banners,
handing out balloons, stickers & leaflets.

A parent and unison will speak, then Greens
and Labour will put our case before the vote.

But it will not end there...

During consultation the council announced to
the Argus the £87,000 cut in nursery
provision, meaning Bright Start.

After the full council debate, we need to keep
up the pressure. If closing Bright Start is the
council's “Flagship” of its cuts campaign, we
know of the huge support that has built up for
Bright Start over the last 2 months.

Most people in Brighton approached to sign
our petition have done.

People seem to see us as the worst example
of what's wrong with cuts.

We should make the most of that and draw
on all our supporters to sink the Cuts

Our response to consultation showed the
strength of our feelings.

Now we need the energy and time of all of
you to stop this closure plan in its tracks.
What You Can Do

1. Take the petition around anyone
you know who hasn't signed

2. Take it round your work Xmas party

3. Take it round your elder kid's
school playground (Headteachers
should be fine if you ask them first)

4. Pass it round at any family event –

Pantomime queues, parents at Kids
film showings, Skating, school fairs
and anywhere else you can think

5. Visit your local shops –
independent ones will sometimes
take petitions and often put our
poster (on reverse) up in their

6. Join our petitioning stall in

Churchill Square or Jubilee Square
(outside Library) from noon on
Saturdays. There'll be a group of us,
handing out leaflets, balloons &
stickers as well as petitioning.

7. Join us on 21st December,6.30pm
(the day of nursery kids Xmas party) for
PARADE”. This is a huge local family
festival and we want to make a big
splash. The group who'll be in the
parade, with a giant pair of scissors its
rumoured, will need more of us to
hand out publicity and balloons for our

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