Thursday, 16 December 2010

Brightstart demo - pictures and videos

With no apparent sense of irony, Cameron today whined that the the MPs' expenses scheme was "anti-family" - apparently because MPs might not be able to claim fro transporting their kids from "home" to "home".

Altogether say "ahhhhhh!"

Many of his and his local government henchmen's policies could be said to be just a tad "anti-family", I would have thought.  A case in point being the attempt to close Bright Start nursery, but there is resistance to this cynical move.

A great march and lobby by kids, parents, Brightstart workers and supporters.  Photos and videos below.

I left the Council meeting before the end, but was able to hear some great questions being put to Cabinet member Vanessa Brown.

Knowing that they were losing the argument and the vote, the Tories suddenly conjured up a proposal to turn Bright Start into a "social enterprise" under which they would effectively wash their hands of it and give it to the users to run.  It is effectively a privatisation.  More detail later.

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