Saturday, 11 December 2010

SAVE BRIGHT START NURSERY - note change of venue for protest

Our dishonest and deceitful employer claims to be "consulting" on the future of Bright Start Nursery.  If asked, the relevant councillor, Vanessa Brown, will swear that "no decision has been made".

Strange then, that at last Thursday's Cabinet meeting, the cut in subsidy was voted upon before the consultation process had even properly finished and been responded to.  Strange too, for an organisation so committed to democracy, that our union rep at the nursery was denied paid release to take part in the consultation.  Strange also that so many lies and half truths could have found their way into the Council's own "consultation" document.

The final bit of strangeness comes in the sudden switch of venue for next Thursday's Council meeting at which Unison is planning a march and lobby.  Full details are below, but please note it is in Brighton not Hove.

We can stop this! 

Message from Brighton and Hove Unison
On Thursday Brighton and Hove Council will be voting on whether to close Bright Start Nursery.

They claim it’s about saving money and prioritising vulnerable children.
We will be marching to the council to tell them that

• They should be considering the needs of the children at Bright Start and their future needs

• They shouldn’t be closing frontline services at all. We are one of the only nurseries in the City Centre.

• They should listen to the staff, parents and unions who’ve explained how to make the nursery self-financing

• Putting 18 experienced nursery nurses on the dole will cost the taxpayer more than the existing subsidy

• The council should cut out its own frivolous waste on luxury chocolates, alcohol and expenses, or use its £20million reserve pot rather than cutting services for children




Meet outside Jubilee Library, North Laine 3.15pm
A ten minute march, led by babies, toddlers, children, parents and nursery nurses to BRIGHTON TOWNHALL for a rally at 4pm

Our 5,000+ petition will be handed in and many will stay to hear the council vote on whether or not to shut down Bright Start nursery. Please support us

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