Wednesday 14 April 2010

Back the Left!

I put my name to this letter some months ago but it was published in The Guardian last week.  Obviously more candidates than just those mentioned could now be added but the message is the same.

We believe that there is an alternative to wars, cuts, privatisation and environmental destruction. We believe that the current UK election system does not allow our views to become represented – a truly democratic society requires participation and involvement at all levels – and that the next elections will not lead to major change. However, we do believe that there are candidates of the left, across several political organisations, who should be supported by everyone who agrees that there is an alternative to Brown, Cameron or Clegg. And in the interests of unity we call for left candidates to avoid clashing in the same seats.

We will therefore support the following, for example – and there may well be many more – who strongly demonstrate practical representation of the left in its widest sense: Caroline Lucas (Green, Brighton), Dai Davies (Independent, Blaenau Gwent), George Galloway and Abjol Miah (Respect), John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn (Labour in London), Dave Nellist (Socialist party, Coventry), Salma Yaqoob (Respect, Birmingham), Gayle O'Donovan, Kay Phillips (Green and Respect in Manchester), Peter Cranie (Green, Liverpool) and Val Wise (Independent, Preston).

Nick Bird (Lowestoft) Duncan Chapel (NUJ) Andrew Collingwood (Green Party) Raphie de Santos (Scottish Socialist Party) Sam Feeney (Unison) Alf Filer (Harrow UAF) Gregor Gall (University of Hertfordshire) Stephen Hall (Wigan, Leigh & Makerfield People's Alliance) Chris Hyland (Green Party) Aaron Kiely (Kent Uni.) Nick Long (Lewisham) Liam Mac Uaid (Socialist Resistance) Jim Monaghan (Open University) Miles Mothershead John Nicholson Declan O'Neill Kay Phillips Andy Richards (Brighton Unison and Respect) Clive Searle Norma Turner Steve West (RMT, Manchester) Leanne Wood AM/AC (Plaid Cymru) Jack Youd (University of Manchester)

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