Wednesday 21 April 2010

Support a celebration of our multicultural city this Sunday


Sunday 25th April
Meet 10am,
Victoria Gardens, Grand Parade.
(North Of Brighton Pavillion)

On Sunday April 25th there will be a 'March for England' taking place in Brighton. In previous years we have ignored this demonstration as it has been small and peaceful. However, this year members of the racist and violent English Defence League (EDL) will be attending the march.

The EDL is a racist organisation with links to fascist groups like BNP and Combat 18. They claim to oppose only 'militant Islam', but they target all Muslims by demonstrating against mosques such as in Harrow and Dudley and chanting slogans such as "Pakis Out" and "if you build your f*ucking mosque we'll burn it down".

Just weeks ago Sussex UAF members were sent racist private messages by local EDL supporters and the Sussex UAF page was vandalised with posts from several regional EDL divisions.

Previously where the EDL have marched, Asian people have had their property vandalied, been physically attacked and also stabbed. When the EDL have been outnumbered they have been prevented form attacking anyone.

Let's celebrate our unity in opposition to the EDL! There will be unity festival to defend and celebrate multiculturalism in Brighton, join us!


quedula said...

The "March for England" website claims: "We WELCOME everyone to March For England, Regardless of Colour, Culture or Religion or Non Religion, United we can make this country a more better place, free from a Un-Democratic Government that ignores the people, Free from Hardline Extremists of all Religions or facist groups that bring Non Cohesion and so much more.."

Shouldn't you leave them and the police to deal with any EDL infiltration rather than disrupt their demonstration?

Andy Richards said...

Hi Quedula

As far as I am aware there is no plan to "disrupt" the MfE demo. The festival is to highlight multicultural Brighton and to tell the EDL that they are not welcome here. MfE marches have passed off without any counter-action by UAF for some years now, but we don't want the EDL.