Wednesday 21 April 2010

We won't pay for their crisis! Join the Great Balloon Stunt this Saturday!

Would you go to prison for a crime committed by someone else? Would you pay off someone else's debts? No? Then why are we paying for the bankers' crisis??!

Cuts in public services, rising unemployment, attacks on the poor and the benefits system, the housing crisis... all this and more is the cost we must pay for the recession according to the main parties. We in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition disagree, it is not ordinary working-class people who caused the recession, so we are not the ones who have to pay for it.

Imagine you had gambled your bosses' money and lost it all, putting him into serious debt. Would you be kept on, given a huge bonus and receive a bail out from the government?

Due to the cost of bailing out the banks the deficit is £168billion - we will have 168 balloons and we will show you that cuts in public services and jobs are not 'inevitable'; instead the rich has decided that working-class and poor people will pay for this recession!

However we don't just say 'we can pay for the deficit better if the rich took an equal share', we want to see a socialist economy which responds to the needs of ordinary people - for homes, health and education - which creates jobs to meet people's needs instead of cutting jobs to protect profits.

Come along to Churchill Square on Saturday 24th April at 11:30am to see how much money has been wasted on PFI, on devastating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, on uncollected tax from the rich, and much more! And most importantly come along to hear how we can fight back against their crisis falling onto our shoulders!

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