Friday, 6 August 2010

Coward Cameron sneaks in round the back........

What do these two heads of state have in common?

A marked reluctance to spend too much time with their people......

When David Cameron arrived in Hove on Thursday afternoon, he decided that he would rather not spend any time talking to the public sector workers who had waited to challenge him on cuts.  Rather he sneaked in by the back entrance to get to his invited audience.

A pity really.  He could have spoken to the Connexions workers who do vital work with the city's young people, and who face unemployment as a direct result of these cuts.  But instead he took the coward's way out.

Alex Knutsen, UNISON Branch Secretary, said
"The "Big Society" turns out to be the "Big Lie". Children and Young People are having one of their most valued services taken away - it will not, as the Prime Minister stated in Birmingham earlier this week, be reinstated when times get better. It will be gone forever.
"I invite Mr Cameron to meet with me, at a time and place of his choosing, to discuss this matter. Much more importantly, I invite him to meet with the young people who use the service, some of whom have disabilities, and their parents, to explain why he is the cause of the slashing of Connexions. Will he have the guts to speak to them face to face, or is he going to sit in a "cosy" room in Hove, with a selected audience, sheltered from the harsh wind outside?"

We soon got our answer!

Short video of the protest outside Hove Town Hall

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I read your blog with great interest and concur with much of your comments. Quite simply, the way I read it is that the Tories are seeing how far they can go, in terms of cuts. They want employees to be fearful and to go out on strike and use this as propaganda via the media as a smokescreen and twist it around to make it sound like the employees are the ones at fault here. They are master tacticians at 'divide and rule' and cowing the workforce into firstly squabbling amongst themselves e.g. Single Status, proposed cuts and commissioning of services etc and secondly making employees go along with it and just lie down, rollover and accept the changes whether they like it or not. It is all propaganda, stage-managed and a smokescreen designed to make public sector workers the scapegoats - 'the easy targets'.