Tuesday, 24 August 2010

No to hatred and bigotry

The statement below has been signed by number of groups. There is a demonstration against this unwelcome outfit at Brighton Station, midday, on Monday 30th August.

English Nationalist Alliance Statement

We deplore the plans of extremist group the English Nationalist Alliance (ENA) to march through Brighton.

We believe this is a crank organisation established by a group of people on the fringes of the far right. However the hate filled views it expresses are so extreme and unpleasant it would be impossible to ignore this march and see it pass through our city unopposed.

The Islamaphobia of this group is typified by verses of doggerel that feature on its website, these refer to mosques of ‘terror and doom’
and call to ‘force out these bastards coz we aint got the room’ before telling readers to pick up arms and fight. Of the many intolerant and bigoted views posted by the ENA on its facebook page is one saying that Israel should ‘nuke’ Iran.

The far right politics of the group do not stop at this violently racist rhetoric, it also targets trades unionists. The website attacks Bob Crow, of the RMT, Brian Caton of the POA and Chris Baugh of PCS, describing them as being ‘anti-English’, ‘Sharia Advocate’ and a ‘shower of shite’. It also says that Members of the NUJ should be identified, photographed, challenged and ‘sent packing’ from its marches.

Students, socialists and Palestine solidarity groups are also targets for the groups prejudice.

This political combination of hard-line racism and anti-left extremism has been a defining feature of the far right since Mussolini created his Fascists in Italy in the 20’s.

The drastic cuts that the ConDem government is forcing on ordinary people to solve a crisis caused by some of the richest creates an atmosphere of insecurity ripe for exploitation by far right groups, just as they have done in economic slumps in the past.

But the cause of our problems are not immigrants, unions, multiculturalism of any of the scapegoats right wing groups want us to blame. When the ENA claims it is coming to Brighton to ‘defend the English people’ here they are really hoping to turn people against each other.

Our city is one that has always stood against extremism, intolerance and hatred. People choose to live here because of its culture of mutual respect.

We will not let anyone destroy that, for whatever reason.

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