Monday, 30 August 2010

EDL humiliated in Brighton

A rabble of just 30-40 EDL/ENA members were effectively run out of town by hundreds of anti-fascists, assembled at short notice to demonstrate the city of Brighton and Hove want nothing to do with their message of hatred and division.

I doubt we'll be seeing them again anytime soon.

The fascists arrived at Brighton station and many of them seemed more intent on drinking than marching.

The anti-fascists kept them penned at the station before reluctantly agreeing to march away after the police threatened mass arrests if we didn't go to our "designated protest point" at Victoria Gardens.

The police played their "usual" role in situations like this.  The EDL march was only possible under their protection, and they "kettled" the anti-fascists in a cordoned area - even though there were soon just as many anti-fascists outside the "kettle" as were in it.  Many local people who had not been part of the anti-fascist march nevertheless stopped by the EDL "rally" to offer a rich variety of verbal abuse.  Just for an encore the police arrested a number of anti-fascists - one for possession of an airhorn, and the other for talking to the demonstration!  They also stole a quantity of video film from a photographer - way to go!

A number of speakers at the anti-fascist gathering drew links between the economic crisis and the cuts, and the superficial appeal of groups such as the EDL, who try to make scapegoats to blame for inadequate services and lack of jobs.

Below, some brief video from the day.

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Anonymous said...
another eyewitness account,this time from one of the muslims in the crowd who seem particularly singled out by "our" police